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The Weakest Link in chain defines strength of security, we help organizations in identifying and strengthening the same

CyberCube was started with a belief of providing simplified yet effective information security consulting to organizations of different industry sectors.

We not only bring the robust framework for information security to the table but also ability to execute by providing the functional, technical and analytics talent to our clients.

We assist any size company, from large corporates to smaller SMEs, across the globe. We will assist you in protecting your information, securing your systems, and avoiding potential threats.

About Leadership Team


He is a senior technology executive with more than 25 years of experience in innovative solution development, cyber security, enterprise architecture design, and digital transformation leadership. He has led international and multicultural teams implementing SAP, Salesforce, eCommerce and other complex programs throughout his career working with some of the most respected global companies in the airline, consumer packaged goods and banking services industries in the UK, USA, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates..


Dynamic and enthusiastic information security professional with 8+ years of experience and expertise in implementing and managing projects in IT security such as implementation of ISO27001:2013, conducting IT Audits, PCI DSS audits and implementation, Client Management, Risk Management and Third party security assessments etc.

He holds certifications like – ex PCI-QSA CISA, ISO 27001 LA, Six Sigma - Green Belt, IBM DB2. He has conducted more than 60+ successful assessments globally across various industries such as Banking, Payments, Telecom, BPO & KPO and Retail etc. he holds In-depth knowledge of various security standard such as PCI DSS, ISO27001, ISO31000, NIST, COBIT etc. and current trending information security topics. During his tenure with earlier organization he has been responsible for monitoring and ensuring smooth delivery of projects carried out by different consultants as part of his team.

Head Business Develoment

He brings with him over 15 years of experience in Sales & Business Development roles across diverse industries that include Aviation & telecom. He have been involved in setting up operations from a scratch as well as driving existing business to scale them up into operations that are now well- known brands and a market leading organizations across various regions. This has been the result of the cumulative efforts of the leadership, effective guidance and firm focus on the business as well as market.

His role has been critical in designing & driving strategies, with a firm eye on achieving planned ROI targets and top & bottom line numbers. He have been successful in building new business opportunities, business planning, competition management and identifying market needs as well as trends. Previously he was associated with Vodafone , Reliance & Go Air

Operations Manager

A punctilious and keen individual with expertise in building the grounds of a business particularly in the domain of IT audit, risk and assurance, has been nothing but an asset to the organization. Associated with various IT general controls (ITGC) & vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) projects across the globe helps him in bringing industry insights and solutions on to the table. This further includes audit & implementation of ISO 27001, SOC reports, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), Personal Data Protection bill (PDP) and various other cyber security regulations and compliances

He has proven his risk management capabilities across various industries like finance, retail, With a technically-sound wit, he has proven himself as a thought leader in the domain of information security. He possess a perfect balance between the technical capabilities and managerial abilities, thus striving to be a techno-manager of this digital era.

Our Team

A Good People Manager

Building team confidence and performance through firm directions, intuitive coaching and mutual trust that keeps the team focused on finding solutions that lead to program success. Very low attrition in the team through a one to one touch and a personal touch

Customer Focused

Designing customer centric programs providing better integration of IT and business objectives, demonstrating measurable customer results that drive program benefits.

Creative Thinking

Our team is not just focused towards giving solution to some of the problems our client face, it about how creative we can be using our technical expertise to give them optimal and efficient solution which will suffice their needs.

Proven Risk Management Capabilities

Identifying risks, developing mitigation strategies and plans and applying lessons learned to take action if and when they materialize.

Technically Well Verse

Proven capabilities in designing high end server infrastructure, SAN, Microsoft Active directory, Exchange mailing infrastructure and other security management applications. Understanding the implications of technical issues, gauging their associated impacts and efforts and guiding the team in making the right technical decisions that minimize risk and solidify delivery timelines.