Cloud Security Audit

Cloud Security Audits for Small Businesses & Corporates

Secure the Future of your Business with Secure Cloud Solutions

Today, the majority of business services are hosted on the cloud. While there’s no doubt that the future of computing lies in the cloud, the cloud infrastructure poses several security challenges and exposes your business to security vulnerabilities. If your business relies on the cloud, you need to ensure that the underlying security risks are identified and mitigated to avoid possible data breaches, data thefts, and other damages.

CyberCube’s cloud audit helps you identify security gaps in your cloud environment and eliminate risks while aligning your cloud computing strategies to your core business goals.

Cloud Security Audit: Our Approach

At CyberCube, we offer cloud security audits to help you identify, assess and eliminate the risks associated with your cloud infrastructure. Our cloud security audits consist of the following steps:


We understand your existing systems thoroughly to identify risks, vulnerabilities and other areas that need improvement.


We test all areas of your cloud system to check if the industry best practices are being followed and whether the system complies with the standard compliance laws.

Audit Report

We then present you with a detailed audit report summarising our findings. We also offer guidance and practical tips on the following steps to improve the security of your existing cloud systems.

The Best Cloud Security Audits:
The CyberCube Approach

We evaluate the cloud infrastructure of your enterprise using three core pillars.

Strategic Alignment

We evaluate how your existing cloud security aligns with your business goals, objectives, and risk appetite.


We evaluate if your organization has planned and implemented the cloud infrastructure to meet current and future security needs.


We evaluate the security of the cloud infrastructure to check if it’s efficient.

Our detailed audit report gives you a complete roadmap on
improving your cloud infrastructure's efficiency and security.

If you would like to check the security of your cloud systems, give us a ring to commence a cloud security audit.