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IS Audit

Information System Audit – IS Auditing Services in India

Technology today changes rapidly. What worked yesterday becomes obsolete tomorrow. Due to these rapid technological changes, it becomes incredibly cumbersome for businesses to assess if their existing information system adequately safeguards business data. Also, most enterprises are unaware of when to replace their current information systems and when to upgrade.

An information system audit from CyberCube helps you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation’s IT systems. We conduct in-depth audits with the intent of identifying any gaps in your information security systems, helping you put in place better practices and standards.

5 Objectives of Our Information System Audits

Every Audit is Unique

We assess the information systems of your business, helping to evaluate, prioritise and assess gaps. We then provide you with remedial steps to overcome the existing challenges in your information security systems and enhance productivity.

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