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Red Team Testing

The Ultimate Test for your Security Systems – Simulate a Real-World Hacking Attack with Red Team Exercises

What is Red Teaming & What are its Benefits?

In Red Teaming, we think like the enemy. Our red team exercises are sophisticated and multi-layered attacks that test every layer of your organisation’s security defences. Our team of skilled, ethical hackers think like a real-world cybercriminal to break into your security system. A red team test by CyberCube enables you to identify and eliminate the vulnerabilities and flaws in your security systems without leaving any lasting damage to your organisation.


Our Five-Staged Methodology to Red Team Exercises

Our red team testing will be delivered in five key stages

Stage 1 – Reconnaissance

A successful red team exercise begins with quality intelligence. Our team of expert ethical hackers use various tools and techniques to gather information about your organisation’s security systems and networks.

Stage 2 – Staging and Planning

Once we have gathered the required information, we formulate a plan of attack. Staging involves setting up the necessary infrastructure and resources needed for the attack.

Stage 3 – Covert Testing & Attacks

During this stage, we launch a covert operation to reveal the vulnerabilities and flaws of your security systems. We use multiple techniques like a brute force to crack weak passwords, create fake email communications to simulate phishing attacks, drop malicious payloads, and more. Keep in mind that employees do not know that the attacks are staged and respond as they would during a genuine attack.

Stage 4 – Reporting and Analysis

Once we have completed the red team exercises, we build a comprehensive report that helps you identify the vulnerabilities discovered, strengths and flaws of your security systems.

Stage 5 – Strategy and Security Recommendations

In the final stage, we provide you with a complete step-by-step plan to remediate and mitigate risks so that you can keep your security systems up-to-date and safeguarded against even the most sophisticated digital attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to complete red team exercises?

The duration depends on the scope and objective of the exercise and the size of your organisation. Generally, it takes around 1 to 2 months for end-to-end red team engagement.

2. Will red team exercises disrupt operations or leave any lasting damages?

Unlike real-world cyber-attacks, Red Team exercises are designed to be non-disruptive and non-destructive. By choosing an accredited cybersecurity services provider like CyberCube, you can be assured that the activity will be carried out at the highest technical, ethical and legal standards.

3. Does my organisation require red teaming assessments?

Hackers and cybercriminals attack organisations of all sizes, types and industries. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a large enterprise or a small SME; all businesses need to conduct red teaming exercises periodically.