Source Code Review

Source Code Review Services

Security is the foundation of successful applications. Our Source Code review helps enterprises identify and eliminate security weaknesses in their code.

What is Source Code Review?

Source code review is the inspection of your code line-by-line to eliminate any security flaws and identify any backdoors left in the code that can make your application vulnerable to potential data breaches and other attacks. In simple terms, our source code review services help to highlight security flaws in your code so that they can be eliminated.

CyberCube’s team of security experts evaluate, identify and prioritise security vulnerabilities in your code. We don’t stop with identifying security risks. We also provide you with remedial guidelines to remove security risks in your code, making it protected against potential threats.

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Our code reviews include both technical and management reports. The management report is intended for the non-technical stakeholders. It provides the overall security risk assessment of the application. On the other hand, the technical information is for the perusal of the DevOps team to help them understand the vulnerabilities in detail. All of our reports go through multiple levels of quality checks before releasing them to clients.

We also provide remedial advice to eliminate security flaws in the code. Our corrective guide is relevant, actionable and granular, providing you with clear guidance on further steps to be taken. After the debrief, our security consultants can also help answer any follow-up questions you have about the report.