Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting Services for Enterprises

Proactively identify and secure your organisation’s defences against unknown threats

To protect your organisation against potential security breaches, you need to proactively identify them as early as possible. Cyber Threat hunting helps in the early detection of cyber-attacks. Additionally, it fortifies your network and infrastructure against known and unknown adversaries.

What is Threat Hunting?

Threat hunting is the process of proactively scanning networks to identify the potential threat that evades established security controls. At CyberCube, we use a combination of intelligent tools and manual techniques to identify and eliminate indicators of compromise in your existing network infrastructure.

By identifying vulnerabilities, threat hunting helps your organisation identify unknown threats and respond to them quickly. When a security breach occurs, you need to act immediately before the breach can cause significant disruption and damage.

Benefits of our Threat Hunting Services

Threat hunting is resource-intensive and requires expert knowledge and experience handling cyber threats of various magnitudes. Without the right expertise, you leave your organisation vulnerable to security risks.

Our threat hunting services combine the best of both worlds. We use both sophisticated, state-of-the-art intelligent tools and the experience and expertise of our team of cybersecurity professionals to proactively detect and eliminate threats.

What does threat hunting include?

We carry out extensive activities to identify potential threats. Some of our activities include: