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Configuration Review

Secure your Networks and Systems to the Highest Standards

An insecurely configured network is like leaving the doors to your home unlocked. It provides an easy route for attackers to access the critical data of your organisation. With a configuration review, you can identify and eliminate risks and vulnerabilities in your web and application devices.

CyberCube’s team of cybersecurity experts have extensive experience in offering build and configuration review services to identify and eliminate security weaknesses in your system.

What’s included in our Configuration Review?

Configuration Review: Our Approach

Our configuration review systematically assesses your operating systems, databases, devices and other IT infrastructure to help identify and mitigate security risks. The typical steps include:

Data Collection

Our team of ethical hackers and cybersecurity experts use automated tools and processes to gather information about your network assets to check if they are optimally configured.

Scope Definition

We then identify vulnerabilities in your system by systematically analysing the information collected in the previous step and comparing it with baseline settings.


Once the assessment is complete, we provide a formal report of our findings. We also offer you a prioritised list of remedial actions that you need to take to eliminate identified risks.

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