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System Audit Report

System Audit Report (SAR) Testing Services

CyberCube provides SAR (System Audit Report) testing on your telecommunication equipment. Your mobile and other portable devices will be tested using state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge equipment, providing you with reliable RF measurements.


What is SAR testing, and why does it matter?

Recently, you must have heard a lot about SAR. SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate and measures the energy absorbed by a user when they are exposed to an RF (Radio Frequency) field. Our SAR testing gives you an accurate measure of the RF exposure, helping you comply with regulations and legislation.

In several countries, product manufacturers must display the SAR results on the box. If you’re looking to expand your global presence, then you need to demonstrate that your products meet the stringent SAR requirements imposed by local regulations in international markets.

CyberCube – Leading SAR Testing Service Provider in India

CyberCube have specialist testing capabilities to measure the SAR rates of all your products accurately. Our sophisticated laboratories use the best measurement equipment and have a team of experienced SAR test service consultants to provide you with accurate results. Product manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, network operators have all worked with our expert SAR testing capabilities.

Our SAR testing services include:

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