Network Architecture Review

Network Architecture Review Service

Is your enterprise network really safe from malicious hackers and data breaches? Have you made any recent changes to the network? Or do you have any changes in the pipeline? Worried about a hacker stealing your sensitive data?

Very often, companies set up their network infrastructure during business establishment and forget all about it. Over time, as the business evolves and changes, the network architecture gets outdated, exposing the organisation to data vulnerabilities and sophisticated hacks.
What was secure yesterday is certainly not secure today, as new methods of digital attacks crop up.

Network architecture review is the answer to secure your networks and eliminate vulnerabilities in the system. The review helps you identify potential security flaws within the organisational network and address any existing network vulnerabilities.

Why choose CyberCube’s Network Architecture Review?

When you choose CyberCube for a network architecture review, we do a deep-dive into your existing network system to identify all the possible vulnerabilities. Our team also takes on the role of ethical hackers to identify and pin-point security vulnerabilities before it becomes a central pain point. Our review ensures that your network is safe and secure, keeping your data and system safe from external attacks.

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A network architecture review helps you identify existing weaknesses, gaps in your existing network security controls and aligns them with your security objectives.

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